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Green Media HD approach to advertising

GreenMediaHD is a Cloud Content delivery solution for Advertising, Fundraising, Consumables Real time Visualization, Energy - Water - Gas, TV/IP. Allows you to display digital media in remote Screens/Monitors as rotating, Images, Videos, TV /IP video streaming, Messages, and permit the user to modify the content via internet from his/her office or smart phone (*). You can now use the power of cloud computing to promote your products or services Visualize your Energy and Water consumption to promote your Sustainability programas, and dynamically change your digital content easily. The user is encouraged to sell advertising from neighbored business in your screens and keep the revenue you produce, make money with our product.

Ponga mensajes personalizados, información de eventos, promociones especiales de hoy, e información general en una bandera de mensaje. Muestre publicidad de medios digitales, páginas web, videos, imágenes, mensajes. Cambie la información en forma dinámica a través de web de forma remota a una o varias pantallas. Para más información envíe un correo a o llame al 786 351 5779
web site
Display personalized messages, information of events, today special promotions, and general information in a ticker tape banner. Displays advertising digital media; WEB pages, videos, Images, messages. Change advertising information via WEB remotely to one or many displays. For information please send email to or call to 786 351 5779